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Seacoast is a Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) Certified firm in Massachusetts as a WBE/DBE. Seacoast is assigned the NAICS code 423320, with a certified business description of “Regular dealer who procures and delivers asphalt products and/or a broker transport hauler of asphalt product”.

Seacoast is certified as a Small and Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) in The City of Boston, as well as being WBE/DBE certified in CT, ME, NH, NY, RI, and VT. Seacoast has been fulfilling the WBE/DBE needs of contractors since 1995. Seacoast has worked on numerous projects with MassDOT and MassPort Authority as well as numerous cities and towns throughout New England.

All Seacoast Asphalt Certifications

These state certifications are listed by issuance date, newest to oldest. Some are good for one year, two years, up to five years.

  • WBE stands for Women-owned Business Enterprise
  • DBE stands for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
  • EOE stands for Equal Opportunity Employer
Name Uploaded Date Description
   VT DBE Directory.pdf 2022-02-18 08:18:25
   RI 2023 WBE.pdf 2023-01-09 11:04:25
   RI 2023 DBE.pdf 2023-01-09 11:04:15
   NY WBE Directory.pdf 2022-02-18 08:30:58
   NY WBE 2023-2028.pdf 2023-10-24 13:12:46
   NH DBE DIRECTORY.pdf 2022-02-18 08:21:00
   NH 2023 DBE.pdf 2023-01-09 11:11:00
   MAINE 2022-2023 DBE.pdf 2022-02-24 08:49:20
   MA DBE 2023-2024.pdf 2023-02-03 11:40:41
   MA DBE 2022-2023.pdf 2022-02-17 09:33:39
   MA 2024 WBE.pdf 2023-01-09 11:00:05
   2020-03-09 MA Boston WBE.pdf 2020-03-10 Massachusetts
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